Superman Takes Off


Everyone around Luis was walking. For his entire life, something that came so easily to other people had been one of the most difficult things he had to manage, and a constant source of frustration. Luis had acutely disfigured knees with a severe valgus deformity, or condition in which his bones angled outward (laterally) from his midline [...]

Jose Walks Again


José lives in Panama and until recently, had been living with pain and immobility from hip dysplasia for most of his life. As the pain had gotten progressively worse, he finally found himself using a wheelchair most of the time. It was frustrating for an otherwise healthy, strong man who loved life. Being confined to a wheelchair [...]

Meet Sandra


Sandra lives near San Pedro Sula Honduras, and was born with a dislocated hip. Because she grew up in a place that had little to no access to specialty healthcare, she had problems walking since she took her first steps. As she got older and more mobile, the issues only grew worse. As a child, Sandra didn’t [...]



Training a Future Generation: A Cuban Medical Resident’s Knack for Orthopedics Ernesto is 28 years old and like many other Cubans has never really been outside his country. There is no longer a travel ban that prohibits Cubans from going abroad, but visas to exit the country are still costly in a nation where the average [...]

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