In many areas of the world, people don’t have access to the same care that we have in the United States. Having a life-changing operation in these places is simply not an option. Many countries have poor healthcare, and even in countries that provide healthcare to their citizens, physicians don’t have access to training to provide specialty care like joint replacements. Implants are often not available, medical providers don’t have training and therefore these people are left to live a life of pain and disability.

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It will cost a lot of money to get our team of 40+ there with the right equipment and supplies. Here is how your generous funds may be used for our mission. Any donation small or large is appreciated and we thank you in advance for your contribution to help the people of Cuba.


This private, not-for-profit organization provides free surgical treatment and care for patients around the globe who have no access to life-improving care for arthritis or other debilitating bone and joint conditions.


The Operation Walk Carolinas team can consist of 40+ volunteers including surgeons, physicians, anesthesiologists, physical therapists, medical technicians, and nurses. All are united in their passion for helping people who are in desperate need of orthopedic care.


CUBA 2017



Thanks to everyone who made our Operation Walk...On The Water event a huge success! Check back soon for more information on future events.