Our Mission

In many areas of the world, people don’t have access to the same care that we have in the United States. Having a life-changing operation in these places is simply not an option. Many countries have poor healthcare, and even in countries that provide healthcare to their citizens, physicians don’t have access to training to provide specialty care like joint replacements. Implants are often not available, medical providers don’t have training and therefore these people are left to live a life of pain and disability.

This lack of access to joint replacement has a trickle-down effect much greater than just dealing with the pain of disabling arthritis.

Mission Trips
Total Joint Replacements

Panama Mission

The joy that walking again can bring is priceless.

In May 2019 the Operation Walk Carolinas team will embark on a mission to provide specialty hip and knee surgeries to people in Panama who desperately need them. In countries where people have little or no access to certain kinds of medical care, it can mean life with painful arthritis, in a wheelchair, or in a bed. In many cases, the inability to walk means families can’t make a living.

Joint replacement surgeries allow patients to go back to work, help provide for their families, and have a richer quality of life. They can enable a grandmother to spend quality time with her grandchildren, a father to put a roof over his family’s head, or a mother to stand and hold her child.

In Panama we will work alongside local medical staff for a common goal: to help restore the basic function of walking to those who cannot.

Inspirational Stories

Two billion people across the globe have no access to medical care. They make up 35% of the world’s population but only 3.5% of surgeries take place in their countries. Many patients in lesser-developed countries have no access to fund costly operations. Oftentimes there are few trained surgeons and/or access to implants and other medical devices. OpWalk Carolinas is changing that.



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It typically costs $150,000+ to get our team of 20+ to another country with the right equipment and supplies for one trip. Here is how your generous funds may be used for our mission. Any donation small or large is appreciated.

  • $5,000 Supplies critical medical equipment for the Operation Walk Team
  • $2,500 Fully supports one joint replacement for a patient
  • $1,000 Fully supports travel for a volunteer medical team member
  • $500 Covers the cost of Physical Therapy for five patients
  • $250 Covers all diagnostic tests (X-rays, etc.) for a patient having surgery
  • $100 Covers one night in the hospital $50 Provides a walker for a patient after joint replacement
  • $50 Provides a walker for a patient after joint replacement $50 Provides a walker for a patient after joint replacement
  • $25 Covers transportation for the patient to and from the hospital


These trips are 100% voluntary and the entire mission is based on fundraising. Choose a team member to receive your generous gift or donate where it is needed most. Any donation small or large is appreciated and we thank you in advance for your contribution.